God, Computers, Life and Everything
Master thesis [pdf]

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The picture to the right is me and my brother at a mountain top. The mountain is called Skaget and is located in the center of Norway. I am the guy to the left in the picture.

I have just finised my studies in computer science. I have written my master thesis as part of the HISP network. I staid in Ethiopia for four month in 2004 to do my work. In the left menu there is a link to my paper

I am currently working at a the web development company Pixelhospitalet here in Norway.

I have an interest for Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS). I use Linux based operating systems. Fedora, Gentoo and Debian are the distributions I have experience with. Linux came to my attention when I started my studies in 1998. I had a two year brake, to attend bible school, after the first year at the university.

Even if I spend a lot of time with computers it is not computers that are the most important to me. My faith as a Christian are the most important in all aspects of my life. God is not only first in my life He is in every part of my life.

You might be a Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Christian, Jew or believe in science fiction. Many people think they are good persons. Do you consider yourselves to be a good person? Take the Good person test.