Chapter 11

As described in the introduction of this thesis my research objectives was to explore FLOSS and how FLOSS are benefiting and can benefit Ethiopia and developing countries in general, and how FLOSS are benefiting and can benefit HISP. This discussion is framed within the grand theory of structuration theory and a social informatics perspective on technology. First I discuss the FLOSS and Ethiopia connection and then I discuss the FLOSS and HISP connection. Last I will make some general theoretical considerations.

 11.1 FLOSS and Ethiopia
  11.1.1 Effective use of the Internet
  11.1.2 Effective use of FLOSS
  11.1.3 HISP, Tigray and Ethiopia
 11.2 FLOSS and HISP
  11.2.1 HISP and the conventional FLOSS community
  11.2.2 Comparing DHIS 1.x and DHIS 2 development
  11.2.3 Comparing the Tigray and DHIS 2 cases
 11.3 Theoretical considerations
  11.3.1 Structuration of FLOSS
  11.3.2 Participatory development
  11.3.3 Free to translate technology