10.6 Interaction with other DHIS 2 developers

In FLOSS projects it is an advantage to talk a lot. By talking a lot I could have made the other DHIS 2 developers more familiar with what I was doing, and I could have gotten handy tips from the other developers. During the development of plug-in-demo I have not participated much in the virtual DHIS 2 community. My interaction with other DHIS 2 developers have been very limited. The development of plug-in-demo was so different from the DHIS 2 development that I did not expect the other developers to be interested.

I and Aasen worked together while the course lasted. After that time I have been on my own. I participated in the planning of the course, as already mentioned. In the summer after the course had ended a session was held where the results of the course contributions were presented an evaluated. I presented plug-in-demo at this session. I had the impression that the other participants in this session did not really understand the concepts embedded in plug-in-demo. Perhaps they did not understand the concepts because I held a poor presentation, but I interpreted into a confirmation of my suspicion that a pure plug-in framework for a web application was too complex.