12.3 Possible future research

My research into FLOSS and Ethiopia is rather broad. To find ways to effectively benefit from FLOSS there is a need for more focused research. I have identified the education and research sector of Ethiopia as a sector where Ethiopia is most likely to benefit from FLOSS. Research into how this can be done most effectively would be of interest. More general research on the usage of FLOSS in the education and research sector in both developed and developing countries would also be of interest.

As seen from Figure 1.1 I have not focused on the use of FLOSS in health care and FLOSS health applications, and neither have I investigated to any detail how the Tigray health system relates to the overall Ethiopian health system. This are research area I leave to others. This thesis has not focused on health care. DHIS is one health care application, but there exist others that could be of interest to both HISP and Ethiopia.

Unfortunately I never came around to make DHIS 2 extensible. Research into how to extend DHIS 2 and how to make DHIS 2 more extensible would be an interesting research questions, for the more technical inclined.