A.2 List of Figures

1.1 Visualising my research domains
2.1 Dimensions of the duality of structures - Giddens 1984
2.2 Social practices stabilising through time and space - Rose 2001
2.3 Effective Use of ICTs by Warschauer
2.4 The Information Technology Transfer Life-cycle by Baark & Heeks
2.5 Factors influencing the technology translation process by Nhampossa
3.1 Robert Stake‘s Evolutionary View of Change
3.2 The Action Research Cycle
3.3 An analytical model loosely resembling the duality of structure
4.1 Evolution of Unix
5.1 Diagram by Chao-Kuei that explains different categories of software licenses
6.1 HISP hierarchy of standards
7.1 Map of Ethiopia
8.1 Map of Tigray
8.2 What I did in Ethiopia
11.1 The user-programmers withing the DHIS context
11.2 FLOSS modalities