Part III

4 Short History of Open Source
 4.1 The early start of programming
 4.2 The three strains of hackerdom
 4.3 Multics, Unix and AT&T
 4.4 The rise of the Internet
 4.5 Free Software Foundation
 4.6 Minix, Linux and Hurd
 4.7 The rise of Open Source into the main stream
5 FLOSS - How does it work?
 5.1 Philosophy and values
 5.2 Development practices
 5.3 Motivation
 5.4 Governance
 5.5 Property, Copyright and Licenses
 5.6 Challenges and constrains of FLOSS
 5.7 FLOSS in developing countries
6 Health Information Systems Programme (HISP)
 6.1 HISP history
 6.2 HISP philosophy, methods and processes
 6.3 Inscription of the HISP approach into DHIS